To understand the evolution of the Darwin roller door technician, one has to understand evolution itself.

As the society of ‘man’ and the tradesmen who serve have evolved through the gates of time (or the roller doors), it has had to adapt and change to suit the locations, climate and conditions as well as the clientele.

This change has not just affected Darwin but Palmerston too (as well as the surrounding areas).

Society has come to expect new and streamlined ways of doing things, with a polite manner, quality products and parts, cleanliness and tradespeople who are willing and able to stand behind their work.

The adage of rough enough for the bush or she’ll be right  or even looks good from my joint only exist with backward and outdated tradespeople, like the practices of our neanderthal ancestors.

The evolution of the Darwin roller door technician examined

Back in the Neolithic era there was a biodegradable society.

In these earlier days with no consumers, it made for little rubbish or mess left after a task was completed.

As society we evolved, we became more of a consumable society and the tradesperson of the day often left rubbish and detritus behind for the home owner to clean up.

Untrained monkeys arrived in droves to complete tasks on the cheap, sometimes leaving more damage on a brand new roller shutter than a second hand one would have 10 years in! But after all, few homeowners were surprised because we all know how messy man caves can be.

Today, homeowners can marvel at the Dunwrights Doors and Gates Period.

Dunwrights Doors and Gates tradespeople represent the end product of a long process of evolution.

These nimble, professional, domesticated, and friendly tradespeople make installing or servicing your roller shutter in Darwin, Palmerston, Humpty Doo and beyond – a dream.

Leave Neanderthals behind in the Dark Ages of tradies, and enjoy what Darwin himself pointed to many years ago; fully evolved, regularly trained, skilled and polite service techs completing all your work AND cleaning up afterwards.

Step through your new roller door into the modern age!


Image Caveman by Vincent Lit via Flickr. CC BY 2.0