Roller Doors NT by Dunwrights Doors & Gates

A well serviced roller door by Dunwrights is a safe roller door

If you own Roller Doors or Shutters in the NT take note – Roller door motors need attention too! other than just the physical door itself!

When a door is old, worn, or the spring tension on the door is not correct, this can cause sometimes irrepairable damage on the roller door motor. With gearing being stripped, possible spring damage lost tenstion can also cause the motor to ‘dead lift’ the door which they are not designed to do.

If you unlock your motor and lift your door by hand and it feels excessively heavy or ‘springs up’ too fast when it reaches a certain point, your roller door may be in need of a service to prevent damage to the motor.

Other issues can cause damage to property with limits being incorrectly set or safety margins not loaded into the system. The next time that roller doors comes down on a car you don’t want a scratch, let alone a dent. Whe the door hits the ground if it is doing so with unnecisary force there could be issues with limits which could also damage the motor.

With a Dunwrights LIFETIME WARRANTY on motors with regular servicing (T&Cs apply) you know you’re in safe hands! Call today for a free quote on your next roller door motor installation.

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