Gates are needed in Darwin, as a fences and security screens. We all know that security is an important thing, as is functionality and aesthetics. It’s a lot easier to achieve when you’ve got a front gate or fence where you can install those new swing or sliding motors….

But what happens when you don’t have a front fence and no room for gates and you don’t have space for a roller door?… well we have some news for you….

Sometimes when you have a carport and no front fence you need to think outside the box a little bit and that’s what we did on this job with limited side room and head room the options were few….but making them work was achieved. As well adding a lot of presentation to the property in the process and some serious security for the carport area and the vehicles.

Some things to think about when you look at installing your new automatic entry –

What are you achieving – functionality and security ? or just aesthetics and ease of access ?

Do you require solar powered gate motors or is 240 volt present at the location ?

What materials and thickness are desired to complete the package for longevity ?

At this property we installed a fully automatic 240 volt system with remotes. a battery backup and manual over ride. Functional and aesthetic. No more getting wet before work either!  Ticks all the boxes.

The results speak for themselves.

(Please excuse the neighbours whipper snipper and mower!)

gates for security

electric gate motor with limited side room

carport gates in darwin – a safe secure option