You’re a first homebuyer who’s bought an established home so we want to share 3 smart ways to use the NT Home Renovation Grant in Darwin to help you get the most out of it.

This is the same funding the NT News refers to as $10,000 RENO GRANTS in its coverage of the grant, from September 27, 2018.

To be clear, the government WANTS you to use this grant because it’s great for the local economy and will help boost your property’s value.

The Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, was quoted on recently, saying, “The $10,000 renovation grant has created almost $22 million worth of economic activity for Territory businesses. We want that to grow strongly over the next two years now that it has been extended … 1380 Territorians have accessed the home renovation grant and 660 Territory businesses have got work from the scheme.”

We believe this is a valuable offer from the government because the Top End is plagued by fly-by-night cowboys who breeze through town doing cheap, shoddy work, and leave established, committed tradies to clean up the mess!

So, where do we start? Clearly, doors, gates, and air conditioners are three assets that not only make life better, they make your property more attractive to future buyers.

But, before we dive into these three smart uses, here’s our background guide on what you need to know about the NT Home Renovation Grant.

Using the Home Renovation Grant on roller doors

A new roller door is a great enhancement to any home in Darwin or Palmerston because they not only tidy up the street appeal of your property, they also add convenience and security.

We are very particular about the rollers doors we supply and install because, as you know, the weather here in the Top End is harsh for most building materials and appliances.

Our doors all use quality Bluescope steel and can be fitted with solar powered motors so the door will still work, even when stormy weather causes blackouts.

Modern roller doors for your garage let you drive straight into the dry, even in the midst of the Wet, and with the safety sensors these days, you don’t have to worry about accidentally closing the door on your car, child, or pet – the doors stop at the first sign of something being in its way.

If you wanted to just choose a roller door, the Home Renovation Grant will be more than enough to get the job done.

Using the Home Renovation Grant on electric gates

A good set of gates can really set your property apart, while giving you safety and security.

Automatic gates powered by electric or solar motors, will not only define your property, they’ll give you a convenient way to slip into your home conveniently and quietly, even during the heaviest downpour.

Dunwrights Doors and Gates has selected a sturdy, Top End-ready, selection of gates and motors that are so quiet, your neighbours won’t hear you come or go. Have a look at our quiet automatic gates video, to hear (or not hear) with your own ears.

Imagine giving your property the smart definition of solid gates, which we can also match with security awnings, shutters, and shades. The NT Home Renovation Grant will give you a great boost towards this immaculate finish for your property.

Using the Home Renovation Grant on air conditioners

You can have the smartest looking property in Darwin or Palmerston and still not have a good resale value, if you don’t have smart, efficient, and thorough air conditioning.

Our sister company, Dunwrights Air and Electrical, is known as the trusted supplier of airconditioners and air conditioning servicing in Darwin and Palmerston, because we know how much we all rely on cool, dry air to get through the Wet.

If you haven’t shopped for air conditioners lately, you’ll be blown away by the technology that is packed into the range we offer, from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

In particular, the Avanti range of air conditioners for Darwin and Palmerston, bringing clever use of energy and technology that keeps your air clean, pushes it deeply around your house, and has a range of options for letting you control when it is on and how it is operating.

This, alone, will keep prospective buyers talking about your property and you’ll want to hold future open inspections on the hottest and most humid days possible!

Any of these three options will help you squeeze the best value from the Northern Territory Home Renovation Grant. And we’ll help you hone your list, just use our contact form and we’ll be in touch to create a quote that meets the criteria the government has asked for.

Then get ready to boost your lifestyle and your property value in one fell swoop by getting your work “done right” with Dunwrights.