In Darwin or the Northern territory it’s always good to get a Roll-A-Door installed or repaired by a real person. A local company¬† with ideals and customer values rather than a commercial giant where the client is just another number. Someone that cares about the job, the roll-a-door service provided and the end result and customer experience. Whether the brand is a Steel-Line or Gliderol, BnD or a Centurion or any other roller door manufacturing company.

Garage door operators are an important part of your daily life. Realistically we take them for granted until they fail, not unlike solar powered gate motors when the battery runs out – usually when you need it most.

In the door industry we at Dunwrights have noted that roller doors and roller shutters are just not getting serviced on a regular basis like they should be. Out of sight out of mind, even though it’s in plain view.

Some things that need to be considered over the lifetime of your door, shutter or window shutter can be found below.

Servicing and maintenance of your roll-a-door would be top of the list. Roller door services are essential to the longevity of your door. Use over time can cause issues with the guides not lining up correctly and causing strain on the motor. Tension on the motor can also slip causing more strain on the motor.

These issues will cause the operator on your door to burn out at a faster rate.

Servicing also is directly associated with usage of the door. Some garage door operators are designed to go up and down only a few times a day. Other remote openers for roller shutters or roll up doors are designed to go up and down many cycles per day. Tension on the roller door operator can slip causing more strain.

Similar with spring tension on the drum of your door.

Roll-a-door being repaired in the northern territory by a roller door technician. Replacement of roller door motor

A real person working on a roller door

Other things to think about include impact damage – even minor. This causes strain on the motor or operator for your roller-a-door. Sometimes impact damage doesn’t look too bad but in actual fact can be causing issues. A service and adjustment can give you years of life on the door even after it’s had impact damage in some cases.

Last but not least…..Vermin. Ants in the Northern Territory are a pain. 1 in 10 people has suffered from ants causing damage to appliances in the Northern Territory. Sometimes you won’t even know the damage is being caused until it’s too late. Servicing can also prevent some of this occurring as well.