Online Quotes

When you want a quote for doors and gates in Darwin, Palmerston, and surrounds, we can now do it online. This will be especially helpful while we are all keeping away from each other during the COVID-19 response. Also, if you want to use the NT Government grants and vouchers for work, online quotes will help speed up that process for you. Find out more about NT Government vouchers for home projects and NT Government grants for business projects.

All you need to do is start your enquiry by using our online form, below, and in the Job Description box not only tell us what you are after but ask us to complete our quoting process online.

We’ll guide you through the process so you can use your phone to show us your location and talk to us about your needs. Here’s a sample video and below that you’ll find out online enquiry form to start the ball rolling and get online quotes “done right”!

Dunwrights Doors and Gates

Welcome to Dunwrights Doors and Gates providing quality, Territory-ready roller doors, electric gates, awnings, and shutters for Darwin, Palmerston, and surrounding areas.

Our local tradies know what they’re doing and will never recommend or supply products not suitable for the Top End.

NOTE: During COVID-19 restrictions, we are still carrying our work for you but doing it within even stricter guidelines than usual. We are keeping safe distances from you and each other, and keeping surfaces sanitised.

Also, we are carrying out quotes online so you can get your projects quoted and underway without having to leave your home or workplace. More details here: Online Quotes.

Online Enquiry Form

Use the form below to ask questions or get a quote and if you’d like an online quote, remember to ask for that in the Job Description box.