Instead of just one building security checklist, I have two to share with you, based on the increased amount of crime prevention work we are doing in and around Darwin.

Over the past year, we have noticed a dramatic increase in people taking Darwin crime prevention into their own hands, by requesting quotes for better security for homes, businesses, and sporting clubs.

And, recently, the Northern Territory Government announced an Alcohol Secure Grant, to help licenced premises add extra, physical security around their beverage stocks.

This reminds me of the article in the NT News outlining how crime figures (except for sexual assault and car theft) have risen by double digits in Palmersten and by 90 per cent in Darwin.

So, we know that increasing security is a prudent move in the Top End right now, which is why we’ve pulled together this checklist to help you make sure you don’t have any weak spots.

5 quick ways to boost building security in Darwin

From our perspective, the actions on our building security checklist will help you take immediate steps to be more secure at work, at home, or at your sporting club.

Roller doors

There is no doubt that having solid, steel-based roller doors around vehicles and customer/goods access points, instantly forces would-be thieves to move somewhere else.

We only supply roller doors in Darwin that will be able to cope with Top End weather conditions.

And, when you want maximum security, we will pull out all stops to create the toughest specs for your project.

Automatic gates

Whether it’s rain pelting down or it’s dark and you or your family members, co-workers, or club members feel unsafe getting out of the car to lock or unlock gates, automatic gates just bring peace of mind and efficiency and deserve a prime position on our building security checklist.

Hinged gates and sliding gates are able to be installed in a huge number of different ways these days, so getting the Dunwrights Doors and Gates team to shoot out for a look and a quote will be the surest way to make sure you don’t overdo or underdo things.

While noise doesn’t matter as much for business premises or sports clubs, home installations are certainly where the new range of quiet gate opening systems come to the fore. Just listen to how quiet our gates can be.

Solar powered gates

For extra security, it pays to have our solar powered gate motors installed because it means you still have access during power blackouts.

As you know, blackouts often happen around the same time as the weather is atrocious.

So, knowing you can still enter and leave your property securely, all with a remote control from your vehicle, means a great sense of security.

On a crime prevention front, it also means that your systems maintain their integrity, even when the power’s out.

Window Shutters

With doorways already sealed with better doors, especially our roller doors, the next entry point for thieves is window areas and store entry areas.

Dunwrights Doors and Gates knows how to review and recommend the right window shutters to suit your building and Darwin’s climate.

Our window shutters bring privacy and security while also being cyclone proof, which gives better peace of mind against crime in the wake of storms.

As an extra bonus, our window shutters will give you better temperature contol inside (yes, lower power bills), a quieter interior (you can get more done in peace), and they’re even smart enough to adjust themselves with state of the art wind and rain sensors.

Awnings and Shades

I know you’re not expecting to see this on the list, but once you’ve read the second building security checklist for new buildings (further down the page), you’ll see how using our awnings and shades to create a focal point for entering and exiting your building, thieves will look out of place and become more easily spotted when loitering on other parts of your property.

So there are five things that can enable you to take direct action to boost crime prevention for your home, work, or sporting club around Darwin.

And it all starts by giving us a quick call or email, so we can have a chat about what might work best for you.

There might even be some government grant money to help fund or co-fund your work, especially the NT Home Renovation Grant and the Smart Energy Grants through our sister company, Dunwrights Air and Electrical.

The new building security checklist: Read this during your planning stage

American usiness security consultant, William Deutsch has a different approach to building security, which is worth a read if you are starting a building from scratch.

In his article, A Building Security Checklist for Crime Prevention, he outlines four key areas to pay attention to, which I’ve abbreviated, below.

Natural Surveillance

William argues that criminals hate being seen, so designing buildings to provide plenty of visibility from outside, is a great deterrant.

This is where our range of window shutters can be useful, giving you control over how much visibility to provide, on an as needs basis.

Likewise, our gates can provide security AND visibility, helping to sure up security around your permiter.

Territorial Reinforcement

Here, Williams is arguing for making your property boundaries very clear, so it is easy to see who is in your private land or space.

This deters thieves because they have little or no time to “blend in” to the environment and can be easily identified by passers by as being where they “shouldn’t be”.

Once again, having our gates and fencing installed leaves no doubt as to what is in your property line, and what falls outside of it.

Natural Access Control

This is what I was referring to earlier, regarding our awnings creating an obvious entry or exit point for a building.

Willam says pathways and other landscaping and design that corrals people through restricted traffic areas, really helps heap suspicion on people not “following the rules”.


Yes, William draws upon a lot of literature that shows how blown globes and signs of damage and neglect on any building, sends a signal that seems to attract thieves.

Apart from our doors and gates starting off fresh, we provide maintenance plans that keep them in top working order, in line with William’s advice.

So, whether you have an established premises or you’re planning a new one, Dunwrights Doors and Gates has your back!

Let’s chat today.